The E-Learning Environment

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The E-Learning Environment
by Jude Lubega - Monday, 16 May 2016, 1:23 PM


A very warm welcome to all UTAMU Students to our E-Learning System that will be used to disseminate learning resources. UTAMU uses the blended learning methodology  and by this we mean that the course will be taught through face to face and online learning. Students will spend half of their time utilizing the online activities that will be facilitated by this E-Learning System.

Students should not be worried that they will have no one to interface and interact with during the online activities. Students will be grouped to work together online, the lecturers will from time to time interact with the students and the tutors will always be there online to guide, interact and help students regularly. Students should note that their queries  will always be responded to in not more than 48 hours.

I would like to take this opportunity to once again welcome you all and wish you successful learning and knowledge acquisition.

 Some Guiding Rules

Get Familiar with Course Navigation and Learning Tools

Click Navigation can be found on left and right hand side menu. The navigation icons provide you with specific instructions about how to navigate the different courses. If you have any problems, please contact the ICT support desk.

Be Proactive

As a distance learning student, you should be pro-active in engaging in your personal learning experience. Be there to learn when you feel you are ready to learn at any time and your own wish. However bare in mind that you have targets to achieve and credit units to earn. Therefore,

  • Regulate your own learning: You should take responsibility for your own learning as well as your peers' by completing readings and posting meaningful, course-related discussion. Monitor and access your own learning and progress.
  • Communicate, Communicate, and Communicate: UTAMUEL contains communication tools that include discussion forums, live chat, and e-mail. When you communicate in person, you can use tone of voice, hand gestures, and body language in addition to your words; however, when communicating online, you cannot rely on those additional methods. There are generally accepted methods of behavior for online communication.To minimize unacceptable behavior, it is a good practice for you to read and to acknowledge that you understand the expectations of online netiquette.

Be Specific

When you submit your papers, assignments, make sure that you follow the file naming convention. All the papers should be in Word format, and be submitted to the appropriate drop boxes. You should use your personal e-mail address plus the name of the file—no spaces during the submission. Failure to follow this rule means the instructor will return the assignment to you, and you will have to re-submit it with the correct username. This formatting rule for file names is critical. With your unique personal e-mail in the file name, you can save and find current and prior work.


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